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Digital Freedom?

Since the internet incepted it has dramatically changed the life of each and every human digitally & socially, today the internet is spread among various fields from industry to education & defense, and many more, Internet has transformed almost the entire human species and making it continuous. Our generation has seen many changes that have impacted everyday life. Yet our generation is in the early stages of internet technology and still need to ensure that this technology continues to evolve in the proper direction for the benefit of mankind. The internet is like any other technology can be a tool of progress & freedom but on another hand, it could be a tool for reactionary & purposefully oppression.
The current stage of the Internet backbone is operated or managed by a group of centralized authorities who are making numerous changes in terms of the rights over the Internet. When we talk about Digital Freedom it describes the basic fundamental of human rights which indicates one to use, access, create, and publish the Internet or any other digital media. The term “Digital Freedom” is directly related to the individual Right of Privacy, Freedom of Expression, right of internet access is (A view which defines that people must be able to access to the internet in order to enjoy their freedom to view, express, giving any other opinion & other fundamental human rights which their government has defined in their constitution). Over a time period, a set of human rights has been defined in regard to the Internet. These rights include Rights to protection, Freedom of expression, Freedom of speech, Freedom of association.

Open Rights Group

published a digital rights landscape architecture, which represents a wide range of organizations and active people in the cause of preserving digital rights.

These human rights are distributed over a network of internet stakeholders which include traditional government, new and traditional global institutions that stand as a responsible body to design the administrator’s infrastructure which owns and operates each and every rule, a flow of the internet backbone. These centralized stakeholders having an interest in creating blocking, adding the filter, and generally censoring speech, sometimes these institution bodies even include private companies whose business model depends on our personal data sharing, which is a big violation of our personal data privacy, since these personal data are being shared in our everyday life. These challenges will increase as the advancement of IoT & cyber-physical system growth. Few of these centralized institutions are blocking the internet for humankind. Many of the ongoing digital human right issues are embedded by the private companies and specifically social media companies for their financial gain or manipulated personal use.

How our data are being used by corporate stakeholders?

Corporate bodies are aware that only 1-2 out of every 100 users who click on “agree” read the “Terms & Agreement”.

Many of us even don’t care to read those “agreement”, “small digital printed” published by the companies online. One of the famous platform Ranking Digital Rights done an excellent job where they have found that the internet & other digital companies are failing to respect our digital privacy and freedom of transparency.

  Is our Data really Private?

Corporate, institutional, traditional government stakeholders & cyber/ digital criminals can easily access our private information to manipulate & trade our digital and social life. In 2014-2015 traditional government asked the social network giant Facebook about their active user data information Government request, most of these requests had been made by US law enforcement agencies.

Today we share our personal data freely (location, Contact, context, pictures, videos, etc.) with third parties with our consent, without understanding the possible change in behavior pattern. Let’s say for instance we regularly upload our photos, videos to cloud services, in which basically during signup with them we agree to give them a “royalty-free-license” to our personal content. It is in fact that we are being involved in an ongoing regular trend that is threatening our digital freedom.

When Edward Snowden in 2013 revealed the US government spying around the digital devices which created a shockwave around the world. Soon Microsoft announced a plan of building a data-center in Germany out of the hands of US officials.

In 2015 results which covers 143 economies, confirms the dominance of advanced internet economy and out of which the top 10 countries who are harnessing Information technology fundamental

Digital freedom and Digital Privacy are facing a havoc decline globally 7th time in a row.  Freedom on the net reveals a trend that states the user’s private information is being used to manipulate the social demographic process, which also includes censoring of online activity, attacks on the online activist. These attacks are creating a havoc impact on human digital freedom. Moreover, these traditional government bodies & institutions are consecutively scanning our private information using advanced technologies, as the index shows. Ranking digital Right index 2018 shows where the many top-scoring companies stand on the “Internet Governance”, ”Freedom of Expression”, “Digital Privacy” which has also highlighted the improvement in the term of digital human rights.

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