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About Us

About Us

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BlockOLand is an independent Internet freedom & blockchain development platform. Which is formed to express the situation of the power of “civil liberties” with the help of blockchain to spread the good to the world. BlockOLand (Free Land Of Internet) founded in 2017 to redefine human digital freedom with the help of blockchain technology, global grassroots activism, IOT, policy analysis & technology development. We keep ensure that right & freedom are stable with the growth of technology. BlockOLand is a self funded started by a group of millennial’s, who strongly believe in digital transparency, equality & thinks that internet should not be controlled by a specific group of institutions to satisfy their own usage.

Our primary focus is to build a digital space with no borders with the help of blockchain & to redefine, improve clear the current Services, Concept,digital privacy & transparency. As blockchain gave us a new idea & platform to retain our digital freedom ability & understanding methodologies of decentralized & blockchain Environment to encourage the digital economy and society beyond to use and implement.

Core Features

Since digital freedom is a basic core fundamental of “Human Right’s”, here at BlockOLand Solution we are combining the concept of “Digital Security” & “Open Internet”

Freedom Of Speech

Using any digital medium as a platform to express free opinion and ideas without fear of censorship or legal sanction.

Digital Transparency

Disallowing the usage of new technologies by government & other centralized entities to monitor the user behavior tracking location, financial records & using surveillance.

Digital Privacy

Protection of each & every individual’s information’s that is created using any digital device.

Digital Security

Ensuring that every individual online activity, information are private, safe and secured.

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