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Protect Security & Civil Liberty During Crisis

BlockOLand and it’s participant’s ensure that technology & it’s right’s equal across borders. The COVID-19 pandemic had made an obvious situation that how important the Internet is for us which makes us understand how we can maintain an open and secure approach.

We are currently living under quarantine status with no person in-contact, where we are using connected device services in order to cope with our colleagues and our knowns. On a temporary basis, our lives fully depend on the internet where we make memes and share, make video calls and use digital services to keep up with our daily works, moreover, we listen to our favorite genre whenever we feel alone or depressed during the current ongoing crisis. In some ways, activity depends on open creativity which keeps us connected even during a global crisis – on another hand, it also shows the vulnerable society who have no access to the internet to continue school or work which makes them continuously fall for our society. Digital innovation meant to access their services by everyone around the globe.

As we are heading forward during these difficult times we should make sure about the advancement & miss-information of the new technology, we should stand strong to make sure that we both should take advantage of the technology equally & grow. To ensure safety & rights we should consider the positive manner of government & ensure about their decission shouldn’t affect our digital rights.

The demand for surveillance systems around the world has been increased to control the growth of COVID-19 spread. Where it creates a very high risk that it can affect our free speech which can enhance the digital burden on us. The government should show us proof that the implementation of such systems can effectively help us to control the widespread of the virus.

Free Speech

This includes anonymous whistle-blowers about statement on ongoing government response to the crisis. These criticism should be accessible around the world to know the current and future efforts made by government.


New innovations and ideas are always healthy for people during crisis, where the innovators fix the need of medical equipment’s in short period of time, we must have free access to these scientific knowledge about the virus & development going over it. Moreover government should stop the hoard of patent from testing & treatment of COVID-19.

Social distancing helping us to spend more time on the internet, it’s an urge to all policymakers and ISP to build an fiber cable which could be accessible by everyone without sharing or manipulation of the resources. Building an open internet society which will be even accessible by unsheltered people to enhance or stay connected around the world.

Digital Freedom?

Since the internet incepted it has dramatically changed the life of each and every human digitally & socially, today the internet is spread among various fields from industry to education & defense, and many more, Internet has transformed almost the entire human species and making it continuous. Our generation has seen many changes that have impacted everyday life. Yet our generation is in the early stages of internet technology and still need to ensure that this technology continues to evolve in the proper direction for the benefit of mankind. The internet is like any other technology can be a tool of progress & freedom but on another hand, it could be a tool for reactionary & purposefully oppression.

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