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Honeypot Management

Honeypot Management

Honeypot Management

Secure your network with a pinch of sweetness

Deploying a honeypot on your network or web applications is a dynamic measure to know what bad guys are up to & the safest measure to lure them with a “fake” automated infrastructure.

In the era where every byte of information is stored somewhere on the internet, in order to secure this massive information an aggressive forms of growing interest & ideas registered to change and secure the digital world. Honeypot is one of them. Honeypot is a devised system made to lure the attacker & bad guys which enforce them to think they successfully hacked a target.

What if an intruder breaks into your web application or network which affects your other connected system or application as well? Would you able to immediately detect, which system is infected or which system is the key point for an attacker to access your network/application? Well in order to protect your information stored on your devices honeypot is the best-assigned technology so far which not only gives you access to lure attacker but also let you know about the ” attacking methodologies” implemented by them.


  • How the privacy processed on the information collected by honeypot and honeynets?
  • Is it worth to spend money on these technologies, since my service provider is already providing me basic securities?
  • What type of data are legally allowed to be collected in honeypots and honeynets?

What we offer?

Our services are carefully designed, since designing honeypot is a tedious task & if not properly configured it can give you bad result as well, our network security architect scan your network in order to understand your requirements and based on that we will suggest the type of honeypot will be healthy for your network.


  • Monitor and logs all the activities of an attacker within the honeynet.
  • Control and contain the activity of an attacker.
  • Stores all captured data in one central location.
  • Honeypot & honeynets are planted & stored data are processed as per respective country legal framework.
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