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Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

User Agreement

By using information’s and services provided by BlockOLand Solutions, the BlockOLand Solutions Digital Help-Desk, and any BlockOLand Solutions authorized staff, agents, and any other services provided by BlockOLand Solutions which include Blockchain news, Digital Human Rights News, BlockOLand Solutions e-commerce area, BlockOLand Solutions Software/website/mobile application’s (Paid – free version’s), BlockOLand Solutions media server (study material, videos, research papers, one/ two/three pager, quotation) for free & BlockOLand Solutions Organizing events, seminars, conference, meeting, social gathering, you agree to the following terms of services & agreement, if you do not agree do not use the services. These terms of services starting December 25, 2018.


BlockOLand Solutions information and services are provided “as-is’’, with all faults, and without a guarantee or warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. Though we intend to provide the best possible service and expert technical guidance, we cannot guarantee that information, news, any kind of services, we provide are completely accurate or reliable, or will meet all user’s requirements, or be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or free of error. You understand and expressly agree (1) to use BlockOLand Solutions information, news, and all type of services at your sole risk. (2) Any material, information and/or data downloaded or otherwise obtained through BlockOLand Solutions is at your own discretion, and (3) That you are solely responsible for any type of damages to your computer system, laptop system, loss of any kind of data, or any harms that may result from the download or use of such material, information and/or data. (4) BlockOLand Solutions is not responsible for any kind of damage done relate to your physical, monetary, virtual, technical assets.

Limitation of Liabilities

BlockOLand Solutions will not be liable for any kind of damage resulting from the use of inability to use of our information’s and services. In particular we are not liable for the loss of, unauthorized access to, or alteration of a user’s transmissions or data or for the cost of procurement of substitute information, goods, and services, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, use of data or other intangibles, even if BlockOLand Solutions or any of its authorities agents, staff have been advised of the possibilities of such damages or were negligent.

Agreement Terms

If any provision of this agreement will declare invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this agreement will remain effect. We will not post any kind of notice of any changes to these terms and conditions.

Third Party Services Providers to BlockOLand Solutions

A Part of Website and its subdomains of BlockOLand Solutions, including some of our individual actions, alert, web pages are operated by third parties, when necessary and appropriate, BlockOLand Solutions uses the following categories of third-party services:

  • Content delivery network ( includes hosting providers, traffic analyzer services)
  • Financials providers & payment processors ( includes your credit card, debit card, and other online payment which included cryptocurrencies payments)
  • Email services ( sending an email and receiving the email from BlockOLand Solutions)
  • Shipping and fulfilment services ( shipping your our grafts)

Wherever possible we take the steps to limit the ability of third parties, to retain data about our members (visitors, subscribers, donators, contributors, volunteers, interns). These service providers may place session cookies to your system (computer, laptop, mobile devices), BlockOLand Solutions service providers may also log standard technical information, such as numerical internet protocol (IP) address of your computer you are using; the browser software you use and your operating system, the date and time you access our site, and the internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our website. Our service providers may also store and organize the personal information collected through this site. BlockOLand Solutions third-party providers process information/data in any of the jurisdictions where applicable.

In addition, for all BlockOLand Solutions services providers, hosting providers and credit, debit card, crypto wallet payment processors and any other providers we may use in the future, the information collected from BlockOLand Solutions users remains protected by the terms of our agreements with those providers and we will ensure that information kept are protected and will be available only to authorized employees who require to use such information for any types of updates and actions, but you also accept that with using our services nothing is secure over internet, we take industry security measures but there is risk associated with uploading, sending your information online, where you also accept that information might be hacked, breached or compromised by hackers, because nothing is 100% safe over internet.

BlockOLand Solutions reserve the rights to change the specific third-parties providers from time to time, and can stored transfer information to any other services providers without any previous update to users.

Third Party Services and APIs

BlockOLand Solutions site also provides links to or interacts with a wide variety of third- party websites, including interactive links to site and social media, telephone calling services, mapping services, or video hosting websites, often via application programming interfaces, BlockOLand Solutions is not responsible for and does not have any control over the privacy practices or the content of such third parties.

We always encourage users to read privacy policies of any websites visited via links from our interactions with the BlockOLand Solutions websites, wherever appropriate we will provide specific information of these third-parties at point of interactions. It is our policy that not to include third party resources while users initially load our web pages, but we can dynamically load them later after giving the user a chance to choose or interact with them.

Disclosure of Your Information

While BlockOLand Solutions endeavours to provide the best possible highest level of protection to your information, we may personally disclose information about you to third parties in limited circumstances: (1) with your consent (2) when we have good faith belief that it is required by law, such as pursuant or other judicial administrative order.

If we provide / forced by law to disclose the information that you have submitted, we will inform you with the prior notice that a request of your information has been made in order to give you the opportunity to object to disclosure. We will attempt you to provide this notice via email if you have given us your email address. If you do not challenge the disclosure request, we may be legally required to turn over your information.

Updating or Removing Member Information

A member have chosen to correct, update, access or delete the membership, or subscription information you have submitted to us by sending an email or filling us some form. Your consent to our use of information is very important to us. If you would like to withdraw your consent to receive the BlockOLand Solutions newsletter or any-types of updates or email from BlockOLand Solutions, you can use this page to change your preference and we will send you an email to confirm your preference.

Storage Of Data

BlockOLand Solutions state of storage of your information is explained over. If you communicate with BlockOLand Solutions we will keep the record of those conversations for the future use in case of any legal assistant.

Any type of financial documents/records or even donations and other types of transactions are indefinite. Paper records of donations, such as event donations forms and signup sheets, even subscribe sheets, are typically destroyed soon after the entry. Other / any-type of physical payment details which include checks can keep up to 5 years. Donor information will be kept secured and un-shared unless particular individual donor requests to remove the information. We can collect more user information than stated above or in privacy policy and will delete when we no longer need to retain information or when deleting information on request, we try hard to delete all copies, however please understand that since internet is not secure and any deleted information can persist or have a nature to be re-gained with any outside media which includes “session could be stolen by any hacker to regain the deleted information or related illegal activities” which BlockOLand Solutions don’t take any responsibilities, even these deleted information can persist on backup media.

Third Party Information

Sometimes, at our discretion, we may include third parties offers, advertisements, products, services, information and news on the website. If you click any third-party links you will be redirected over there website. These third party providers have their own privacy-policy & terms & agreement. BlockOLand Solutions therefore has no responsibility or liability for the content, and activities of these third-party linked services. Non-the-less, BlockOLand Solutions seeks to protect the reputation, integrity of our website and services, which welcome any feedback or suggestion about these third-party services.

Age Privacy

Our services don’t allow anyone under 18, which means we do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 18. If you are a guardian or parent and you are aware that your kids had/have provided us with the personal data of his own / of their parents. Please contact us immediately.

Termination of Service

BlockOLand Solutions reserve all right to refuse any service or information to any person, organization, group, at any-time without any prior notice being sent.

BlockOLand Solutions reserve full rights to reject any queries, support request to deliver any further assistant/services if:

  • BlockOLand Solutions Staff, Volunteers, Interns, Advocacy, Contributors, partner to any unacceptable risk of any physical, financial, digital or any-type of attacks.
  • Pose an unacceptable risk/ threat to BlockOLand Solutions property, which also includes reputation and interest.
  • Involve any illegal, unethical, violent, or immoral activity or threat to society.

At the very beginning engagement with the BlockOLand Solutions Helpdesk, BlockOLand Solutions Helpdesk associate reserve the rights to ask you to proceed with the survey in order to reduce the associated risk described above. Once received with by the helpdesk team it will be discussed with the team including all legal boundaries and will further assist as if needed and if it is impacting the digital world in anyway.


BlockOLand Solutions also reserves full rights to change these terms & condition at any time without informing the member. We will try to let you know any updating about Terms & condition via email if not its user/ visitor concern to keep periodically check for any changes.

If you have any question regarding our Privacy policy or Terms and Agreement, you can reach BlockOLand Solutions legal department at [email protected]

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