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Digital right's are your basic fundamental rights

Want to spend your little time fighting “Digital Freedom” and building a volunteer grassroots movement across the world? Join BlockOLand to enhance your digital freedom.

We’re Building the grassroots team of advocacy, developers, security professionals at BlockOLand. As part of our fast-growing team with the main aim of defending human species digital freedom in public space, the grassroots team will focus on outreaching college, university, local groups across the country and help them to the Volunteer opportunities. Moreover, these groups will guide & help them to understand the meaning of freedom and the advantages of accepting Blockchain technology both nearby and across countries.

BlockOLand launched in 2017, currently, the core team includes 7 members, & 4 advisory board of different nationality. With 3 international groups.

Groups in the team having their own agenda & organize their own program. The grassroots team participant could be of any country, age, gender, educational background, but with having a thing in mind that “Digital Freedom” is the basic necessity of our today, tomorrow and future generation.

Each activist role should be focused on building the local community & supporting them in understanding how Blockchain technology could redefine the entire human species digital future. Their every time of contribution should include opportunities to connect – encourage –inspire – spread- support – people passionately concerned about “Digital Freedom”.

If you appreciate Freedom – Chose the opportunity. If you are concerned about freedom – spread the opportunity. If you are concerned about how the digital space is threatened online & enjoy the virtual workshops, physical workshops conference calls, writing articles then you will definitely love this volunteer opportunity.

What are you waiting for? Apply today and help yourself to save and build tomorrow and future for present & upcoming generations.

Content writer

Spend a good portion of your time in saving your digital rights by your writing skills


Spend a good portion of your time by developing and coding for projects designed to defend your civil liberties and enhance digital security & privacy.

Legal Associate

Interest in internet rights, civil liberty? Join us by defending your digital human right

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