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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment defined as a practice or periodic health assessment of identifying, classifying & prioritizing the vulnerability in system, network or web application. All application & network have in-built vulnerability during the improper implementation of development environment. These vulnerabilities can be used by hackers or cyber-terrorist to launch the exploit on enterprise network , web & network applications. Such attack result heavy downtime resulting the organization & individual to loss of cost, information, identity & consumers data. Which can result to filing of costly lawsuits by consumers or users. It is very important for organization to periodically check their web & network health to avoid such attacks.


  • Total number of vulnerability in your web or network applications can be very high since the time of development & installation.
  • Sometime unnecessary testing of any applications & network devices can also lead to some serious un-known vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerabilities lead to expose your organization data, identity & trust thefting and can result in very costly malacious attacks.
  • Inappropriate security testing can also lead to serious expose to vulnerability.
  • Unavability of proper testing & development environment due to time and costing can lead to serious negative impact on development, and thus it expose to malacious attacks.

What we offer?

Cyber-terrorist are becoming smarter these days which makes them easier to develop malacious code & penetrate the network and web applications of organizations. According to an survey more then 80% of attacks are caused by their own employees so it is necessary to periodically health inspect their security systems like ids, ips, firewalls, policies, ISMS etc. Our experienced security engineers are certified with appropriate certifications like CEH, Sophos, Cisco, Offensive Security which helps the organization to conduct an appropriate documented vulnerability assestment.


  • Customized reports.
  • Helps in regulatory & compilance when required.
  • Pre & post checks.
  • On site free advisory services provided which helps organizations to be future ready for any known attacks.
  • Customized security automation services for cisco network.
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